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AC Repair Santa Rosa Beach, Florida

Air Conditioning & Heating Inc. provides AC repair on all major brands of heating and air conditioning systems. Our NATE certified repair technicians are trained and equipped to correctly diagnose and repair your HVAC system. Trust Air Conditioning & Heating Inc. for all your cooling and heating needs.

AC Repair Near Me

Just like your vehicle, your HVAC system needs regular tune-ups to keep it working efficiently all summer. Regular tune-ups will also extend the life of your system and cut down on the need for costly repairs. Summers in Florida are known to be hot and humid. Humid atmospheres cause condensation to accumulate. This accumulation can clog up your lines or cause your drain to overflow. High humidity can also cause the wires and terminals in your system to corrode. Corrosion can lead to electrical failures within your system. Corrosion can also produce coolant leaks. If your system gets low on coolant, it will not be able to cool your house down. On a really hot day your system may even freeze-up and not cool at all.

Pollen and dust are additional problems that can affect your system. If not cleaned on a regular basis they collect on your equipment’s main components. This puts a heavier load on your condenser, motor, and fan and they must work harder to keep cooling your home. When your system works harder, your power bill escalates.

Affordable AC Repair

With honest, competitive pricing, Air Conditioning & Heating Inc. can take care of all your AC repair needs. If you notice your air conditioner not cooling properly; if you hear abnormal noises from your equipment; then your system may be approaching a complete shutdown. In the summertime your AC equipment runs longer to keep your home cool with fewer pauses between cycles. The most intense burden is placed on your system when temperatures increase. Therefore, your AC system is most likely to get overloaded and shut down on a hot summer day when you need it the most.

Highly Rated AC Repair Company in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida

Call Air Conditioning & Heating Inc. for all your AC repair needs. Let our NATE certified repair technicians fix your unit to keep it running efficiently all summer long. We are here to make sure all of Okaloosa and Walton Counties stay cool throughout the summer. Choose us to be your local AC Repair professionals.

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