Despite its sleepy, small-town beginnings, Destin has grown into a bustling tourist location that people enjoy all year long. During the winter, temporary residents flock from the north to enjoy warmer weather. During the summer, tourists work on their luxurious tans and take advantage of nature trails and water sports. But when these people finish adventuring, they all want one thing: to relax in an air conditioned room.

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However, if their HVAC system breaks, these residents and tourists have nowhere to go when they want to escape the heat. Don’t let this problem happen to you—call Air Conditioning & Heating, Inc. Whether you need air conditioning repair in your Destin, FL home, condominium, or cabin, you can count on our experienced team to provide prompt repairs.

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Florida experiences its cold spells as well, especially during hurricane season. We’ll help you stay warm and cozy while the storm passes by ensuring your furnace runs smoothly. We provide furnace maintenance, repairs, and installations. We also clean your home’s ductwork to improve air quality.

Because many of our customers only live here half the year, we offer annual maintenance agreement options and seasonal tune-ups. These options allow us to return annually so your HVAC system runs at its best. Call (850) 267-3538 to learn more.