5 Tips ~ Preparing Your HVAC Unit for Spring

Along the Emerald Coast in Florida’s Panhandle our seasonal temperatures vary from day to day and your home or business HVAC unit must be properly maintained in order to work most efficiently and keep your residence comfortable. Check out these 5 Tips for preparing your HVAC unit for the Spring and Summer seasons and ACHI’s best practices.

If you have ever experienced an outage of power or disruption in air conditioning or heating in your home, you know the discomfort that a lack of air conditioning or heating can cause. Avoid an unforeseen emergency repair by keeping your HVAC unit properly maintained and regularly serviced by a professional HVAC technician. Air Conditioning and Heating, Inc. is proud to be a continued leader in the local HVAC industry providing, for over 35 years, new HVAC unit installation, special projects, Emerald Coast Bronz-Glow application, ongoing maintenance service, and repair 24 hours a day & 7 days a week. Our reputation has been comforting since 1983, we are the comfort experts and look forward to providing you with 5 Tips on How to Ready Your HVAC Unit for the Spring/Summer Season!


  • Change Your HVAC Air Filter(s): The most routine monthly maintenance imperative to the efficiency of your HVAC unit is a simple change of the filter. A clean air filter can reduce your energy usage by 15 percent. How often should you replace your filter? Ask yourself a few questions to determine whether you should replace your filter every 30 days or more… do you have animals in the house, are you sensitive to allergies, or do you live near the coast? If you answered yet to any of the following the most likely suggestion would be to replace your temporary filter every 30 days or take out and rinse your permanent filter monthly.
  • Install a Smart Thermostat: Technology allows for the addition of a smart thermostat providing you immediate access to ensure your home or business temperature is comfortable prior to your arrival home or set at the most energy efficient temperature if you are away. A programmable thermostat may also detect any deficiencies that your HVAC unit may be experiencing if the temperature is not being maintained or regulated – allowing you to avoid potential costly repairs with a routine service call.
  • Remove Debris & Clear Drainage Lines: Have you noticed where your air conditioners drainage lines are located? If you have not located these drainage lines located on the exterior of your home be aware of potential blockage that may cause back up. When moister is unable to escape from your lines the risk of mold becomes greater. Small wires may be useful to clear out any small pieces of debris that have collected in your line and be sure to keep the surrounding area clear of brush or loose landscape.
  • Establish a Relationship with Your AC Company: Most homeowners understand the longevity of their home maintenance and the importance of establishing a trusted source for home maintenance service providers. Ask your Air Conditioning and Heating company for references and rates for routine services vs. emergency repairs. Your trusted AC and Heating provider should be transparent in their rates and provide estimates prior to any scheduled repairs, installations, or maintenance services.
  • Invest in a Maintenance Partnership or Annual Maintenance Agreement: Ensure that your AC unit warranty remains effective by the continued annual or semi-annual maintenance services provided by a certified HVAC professional. Check with your HVAC manufacturer on warranty requirements and communicate those requirements with your trusted AC and Heating provider.

Contact ACHI, locally owned and operated since 1983, for more details on what your HVAC unit requires to ensure the warranty is valid and ask our team of comfort experts about the ACHI Maintenance Partnership for ongoing seasonal maintenance services

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