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Bronz-Glow Salt Damage Protection

Air Conditioning & Heating, Inc. is proud to be the world’s largest Bronz-Glow authorized dealer. Our team exclusively uses their highest grade Bronz-Glow Gold Corrosion Protection. On Average competitive product manufacturers have a salt spray rating of less than 800, ACHI’s Husky Bronz-Glow delivers a powerful salt spray rating of 6,600. Their premium product provides the greatest advantage around beach, Gulf, or bay air corrosive environments, with 7-8x stronger results than most standard AC systems and a 2-3x longer life expectancy near these locations. All units are coated with climate controlled specialized equipment to ensure longevity and consistency.

Bronz-Glow maintains efficiency while extending the useful life of machinery in various types of industries including papermills, wastewater treatment plants, mass-transit systems, telecommunications, government and missile assembly installations, and residential facilities. For any equipment or surface exposed to corrosive moisture, chemicals, or temperature extremes, Bronz-Glow is the guaranteed way to preserve and protect your investment.

For 30+ years we have researched the best value products for people who live near the Gulf, and we proudly stand behind Bronz-Glow. Nothing safeguards surfaces and equipment more effectively than Bronz-Glow protective coatings. For more information, enjoy this video.

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