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We Are Bronz-Glow Emerald Coast! FAQs About HVAC Protective Coatings

What is Bronz-Glow?
Bronz-Glow Coatings can extend the life of your AC system by 3-4 times longer than an uncoated system when the equipment is properly maintained and the coils are cleaned regularly.


Our Coatings are formulated with a 10 year UV Florida Sun Inhibitor to protect against UV damage. We even offer convenient aerosol cans for coating touch-up should it become abraded.


Our Coatings are classified as Synthetic Elastomers and exhibit extraordinary adhesion, elasticity, and flexibility in addition to providing protection across the full pH range.


Bronz-Glow Coatings have solved Dirty Sock Syndrome problems that occur when the air handling section of the new A/C system becomes a perfect environment for microbial growth.


Why Do I Need HVAC Protective Coatings?

In salt-laden environments, U.S. Navy Corrosion Tests (N-1560) indicate that corrosive deterioration of aluminum fin stock begins in the first 30 days. This is evidenced by the appearance of grayish aluminum salts on the surface of fin stock. This residue is the initiation of aluminum oxidation and the beginning of fin embrittlement. As aluminum oxidation progresses, heat transfer capability of the fin stock deteriorates, increasing operating costs.Within the first two years, tests reveal that HVAC/R system can experience as much as 55% loss in operating efficiency. In addition to higher operating costs, the compressor is overworked meaning excessive operation and possible compressor failure.

In What Type of Environment Would I Use Bronz-Glow?
Bronz-Glow products protect against the entire pH range. We have coated equipment used in coastal regions, sugar refineries, paper mills, petroleum refineries, chemical plants, waste water treatment plants, tunnel exhaust systems, veterinary clinics, swimming pool environments, food processing and storage facilities, airports, hospitals, restaurants, convention centers, hotels, malls and many other moderate to severe corrosive environments.


It protects against salt air, salt water, acid rain, hydrogen sulfide, sulfuric acid, hydroflouric acid, ammonia, chlorine, hydrogen chloride, sulfur water, uric acid, and virtually any other acid/alkali.
Bronz-Glow is NSF Certified and is the only coating that will protect across the entire pH scale.
Why Use a Certified Field Applicator?

Bronz-Glow carefully selects and train our Certified Field Applicators to apply our HVAC Protective Coatings with the same care and expertise that you would get from a factory spray application.  Each of our applicators completes a training course and is licensed to purchase our premium Husky Coil Coat Gold. Air Conditioning and Heating Inc is a certified provider for the Emerald Coast of Bronz-Glow Protective Coatings. We are Bronz-Glow Emerald Coast!

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