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Is Your HVAC Unit Leaking Refrigerant?

Your HVAC unit has been working hard all Summer long. Have you scheduled a Fall check-up to make sure your system made it through the heat unscathed? Paying attention to your unit and its performance can be the key to detecting issues early, preventing damage and avoiding expensive repairs.

One easily missed problem is a refrigerant leak. Loose rubber seals, rusted valve stems and general wear and tear on your system can cause this issue. If your system has copper tubing, pin hole leaks could be a potential problem. A naturally forming acid, Formic, can eat away at this tubing causing your system to lose refrigerant.


How do you know if your HVAC system has sprung a leak? Look for these common indicators.

  1. Bubbling/ Hissing Sound | If your outdoor system isn’t running, but you can hear strange bubbling or hissing sounds coming from the unit, that could be a sign of a major leak.
  2. Humidity Indoors & Lack of Cool Air | If your home is feeling warm during the heat of the day and your air conditioner cannot keep up, a refrigerant leak could be the culprit. A leak not only comprises a unit’s ability to cool a home, it also reduces its dehumidifying ability. Your home will feel sticky and hot.
  3. Higher Utility Bill | Because your system is working harder and running for longer periods of time trying to cool your home, you will see a spike in your utility bill.
  4. Ice on Evaporator Coils | One visible sign of a leak is ice on your evaporator coil. You will see frost forming on your outdoor coil—even during the heat of the day.

It is important to catch this issue early to avoid costly repairs. Repairs could include replacing a condenser coil, replacing an evaporator coil or recharging your system.


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