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Why do Compressors Fail?

On most days, our HVAC systems run like a well-oiled machine. All components working together seamlessly to keep your home cool and comfortable. What happens when one of those components stops working—specifically the compressor?
Essentially the heart of your HVAC system, the compressor is located in your outdoor unit. It works hard to circulate the refrigerant through the coils of your unit while also applying energy to the coolant. Without a working compressor, your home will not have cool air. During the Spring/Summer season, especially in Florida, the compressor works overtime to keep your home air conditioned.


There are several factors that can cause the compressor in your HVAC unit to fail.

• Lack of Lubricant
• Overheating- This can be caused by dirty coils, low suction pressure or a low charge.
• Electrical Issues
• Bad Capacitor
• Low Voltage
• Electrical Spike

Signs of compressor issues include: an odd noise at the start-up of your HVAC unit, ice on the coils or loss of cool air in your home. If you start experiencing any of these issues, contact your local comfort experts at Air Conditioning & Heating, Inc. immediately. Your HVAC system cannot run efficiently and effectively without it’s heart.

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