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Protect Your Investment with Bronz-Glow

Your home maintenance and comfort is our top priority at Air Conditioning and Heating, Inc. in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida. We are owned and operated by long-time native, Kevin Casey. Since inception in 1983 Kevin Casey has provided the Emerald Coast and surrounding areas with high quality air products for the home or business, exceptional customer service, and overall integrity. We, at ACHI, appreciate the investment that customers make in their homes and one of the largest investments, second to your home purchase, is often a new air conditioning and heating system. We consider the HVAC unit the lungs of your whole home operation. Offering you more than just comfort, your air conditioning system filters out the air pollutants and recirculates fresh, clean air throughout your home allowing your internal environment to function and operate at optimal capacity. An investment worthy of added protection to extend the life and longevity of your new HVAC purchase our team of comfort experts have found the most efficient and proven way to keep your investment working for you years after the anticipated life span. Let’s talk BronzGlow!

What is Bronz-Glow?

ACHI’s Husky Bronz-Glow delivers a powerful salt spray rating of 6,600. Their premium product provides the greatest advantage around beach, gulf, or bay air corrosive environments, with 7-8x stronger results than most standard AC systems and a 2-3x longer life expectancy near these locations. All units are coated with climate controlled specialized equipment to ensure longevity and consistency.

Bronz-Glow maintains efficiency while extending the useful life of machinery in various types of industries including paper mills, wastewater treatment plants, mass-transit systems, telecommunications, government and missile assembly installations, and residential facilities.

For any equipment or surface exposed to corrosive moisture, chemicals, or temperature extremes, Bronz-Glow is the guaranteed way to preserve and protect your investment.

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For 30+ years we have researched the best value products for people who live near the Gulf, and we proudly stand behind Bronz-Glow. Nothing safeguards surfaces and equipment more effectively than Bronz-Glow protective coatings. Contact our team of professionals at (850) 267-3538 and discover why Coastal Protective Coating by ACHI is right for you!

New Unit Protection Provided by Bronz-Glow

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