BronzGlow Certified Field Applicator in Santa Rosa Beach

As a BonzGlow Certified Field Applicator in Santa Rosa Beach, FL, you are ensured the correct application process is adhered to for every protective coating application. Technicians at ACHI completed their BronzGlow application training during 2017. Since then, the BronzGlow Applicator Techs have honed their skills using the BronzGlow certified application process, leading to an extended expected life for popular HVAC, such as the new Carrier® HVAC units.

BronzGlow Science
  • BronzGlow coatings are formulated with a 10 year UV Florida Sun Inhibitor to protect against UV damage. We even offer convenient aerosol cans for coating touch-up should it become abraded.
  • Our coatings are classified as Synthetic Elastomers and exhibit extraordinary adhesion, elasticity, and flexibility in addition to providing protection across the full pH range.
  • Bronz-Glow Coatings solve problems that occur when the air handling section of the new A/C system creates the perfect environment for microbial growth.

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