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Did your furnace make it through Florida’s winter months? Keep your furnace in shape for next year!

1. Keep the system pipes clean. | Modern furnaces use an external intake pipe for their air supply. While more efficient, this pipe can become clogged with dust and debris.
2. Block or Close Vents. | Don’t overwork your system. Did you know that by closing vents you actually make your system work harder? It causes an imbalance in the system and forces the blower to work harder, increasing energy used. Blocking a vent with a rug or furniture can cause the similar problems.
3. Replace the filter on a regular basis. | Filters get dusty—full of pet hair and dander. It is important the change the filter as often as needed. This improved your indoor air quality and reduces the amount of energy the furnace has to put out.
4. Don’t skip annual maintenance. | Having a professional look over your system ensures that the unit is powered correctly, clean and ready to work. This annual once over can extend the life of your unit and make sure your home stays warm throughout the Winter months.

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