BronzGlow Protective Coating

Corrosion and rust on HVAC systems can cause as much as a 55% loss in operating efficiency. In addition to higher operating costs, corrosion on your HVAC can cause the compressor to be overworked, causing key components to be damaged or broken. The effects of corrosion are especially apparent for HVAC units installed in homes on the beach, or within 1 mile of the coast.
Applying the BronzGlow protective coating to your HVAC unit extends the life of your system by protecting it from corrosive elements, slowing the aging process for the unit. When BronzGlow is properly applied, the protective coating creates a nearly impenetrable barrier around the coils and other key components of the HVAC system, but it does so while allowing the coils to attract and absorb heat. The chemistry of the protective coating is impressive to say the least because even a fine layer of dust on the coils can cause them to not function properly.
The Carrier brand remains a leader in HVAC production and will increase the Carrier Factory Warranty on new uninstalled units that have BronzGlow protective coating applied by a Certified Applicator. Contact us today to discuss your options for purchasing and installing a new HVAC unit for your home or business.

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