5 Tips ~ How To Prepare Your HVAC System For Winter

Hey Emerald Coast! Is your home ready to weather the winter chills? Cold fronts and frost bites, we’ve seen some cool temperatures along the coast. Prepare your home or business HVAC system with a few recommendations that are quick and easy and might just have you saving a little money – now that’s something we can warm up to!

Get Efficient With The Temperature Setting of Your Thermostat

  • During the cooler months set your thermostat to 68° F – 72° F during the day (if the home is occupied) and lower temperatures in the evening – between 62° F and 66° F
  • Find the perfect temperature for your family and once you begin to acclimate consider lowering by a degree weekly – This one-degree reduction – maintained for even eight hours – can reduce a home’s energy bill by 1 percent, according to the U.S. Department of Energy.

Invest In and Utilize a Smart Thermostat

  • There is no perfect winter interior temperature for every home, and the savviest homeowners realize there is no perfect temperature for every moment in their homes. Times when your home is left empty – such as work hours or traveling periods – present ideal opportunities to lower the temperature and reduce expenses. Smart thermostats allow homeowners access to the homes climate instantly from most mobile devices. The majority of manufactures offer a manageable app along with their hardware for convenient home comfort and contact.

Keep Your Heat to Yourself

  • Close doors and vents to unused rooms makes it easier for the home’s HVAC system  to deliver the desired temperature to occupied living spaces.
  • Schedule annual HVAC maintenance and inspection.
  • Upgrade or add weather stripping to doors and check the seals around your windows.
  • Consider drapes when tall windows or glass doors are prevalent.

Upgrade & Change Your Filter Often

  • Replace air filters at least once every three months. Dirty filters can cause your system to work harder, resulting in lower efficiency.
  • Filter inspection and replacement is one of the most cost efficient maintenance tasks that you can make a part of your home maintenance routine – consider an air filter subscription and automatically receive your new air filters every 30-90 days directly to your door!

Regulate Your HVAC Maintenance – Now Accepting Maintenance Partnerships with ACHI

  • Ongoing Maintenance can save the average consumer 10-12% annually and much more if a major repair is avoided due to ongoing professional care to the HVAC unit.
  • The best time for HVAC maintenance is during shoulder seasons—spring and fall—when your AC and furnace are needed the least. By scheduling bi-annual checkups with your local HVAC technician, you can ensure your system is running tip-top before you need it most.

    Before the pro arrives, check for unusual odors, abnormal noises, and leaks in the ductwork—telltale signs of potential issues, so you can make the most of your technician’s time (and your money).


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